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March 29: Analysis: The State vs. Metro

March 14: Q&A with Nashville mayoral candidate Matt Wiltshire

March 6: Q&A with Nashville mayoral candidate Freddie O’Connell

February 27: Q&A with Nashville mayoral candidate Jeff Yarbro

February 24: VIDEO: State releases footage Henry Hodges’ attorneys call ‘torture’

February 24: Q&A with Nashville mayoral candidate Fran Bush

February 13: Q&A with Nashville mayoral candidate Jim Gingrich

February 10: Runoff for mayor? Not so fast — state looks at eliminating runoffs

February 8: Judge Blasts Former DA, MNPD for Wrongful Conviction in Murder Case

February 6: VIDEO: Two Years After a Child’s Death, No One Held Responsible

February 1: John Cooper Will Not Run for Mayor. Who Will?

January 10: Analysis: The state is poised to cut the size of the Metro Council. Here’s what it means.


December 30: Iconic Restaurant Arnold’s is Closing

December 19: Sarah Needed an Abortion, Her Doctors Needed Lawyers

December 5: Q&A with Nashville mayoral candidate Sharon Hurt

November 11: Death Row, mental illness and Henry Hodges

November 3: The Glassification of Nashville

October 31: Election Commission Left With Questions About How Almost $900K Was Spent

October 31: Did a School Fire 70 Years Ago Help Forge Metro Government?

October 17: Did a Newly Elected Judge Rush Her Last Trial?

September 20: Cato Out, But Contenders Line Up for Mayoral Run

September 12: Teacher’s Roundtable Part 2: Teaching during COVID, Uvalde and whether we should arm teachers

September 9: Teacher’s Roundtable Part 1: Three Metro teachers describe the challenges they face both in and out of the classroom

August 15: After Two Years, Why Is There No Deal on the Fairgrounds Speedway?

July 28: The House 🏠

June 28: The Mayor, Nashville and the Republican National Convention

June 10: Left out on Lower Broad

May 18: Election Commission Looking at More Legal Games

May 9: Mayor John Cooper at a Crossroads

April 21: Suicide and the Natchez Trace Bridge

April 8: How Do I Pick a Judge?